Broadcast is one of the top-10 fashion brands in China.  With 800 stores and 90% revenue from Franchisees, Broadcast increased their market-share significantly over the last few years. Due to the changes in the market and competition both local and foreign, Broadcast found themselves in a position where they need to change from mainly B2B/Wholesale approach to B2C to focus on the Customers and build differentiation as they faced huge overstock challenge. 



Using IVIS Group’s Omni-Channel Strategic Consulting Methodology OCm²

  • Identified gaps in the branding positioning and communication and provided recommendations to narrow the gap by launching a sub-brand and improving the process between Design team and Merchandising
  • Introduced processes balancing stock and sales and optimised OTB to control the production according to market needs
  • Moving from Wholesale/Franchising to Omni-Channel
  • Balancing between revenue generation and brand values
  • Strategies: Branding, Ranging, Merchandising, Systems, Business Model, Organisation Impact and Transformation
  • Transformation programme
    • Customer Insight and Brand re-positioning
    • Franchise management and Customer Centric Merchandising processes
    • Omni-Chanel Business Blueprint
    • Business Goals
  • Alignment between internal departments and external stakeholders

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