Omni-Channel Maturity Model OCm²®

Become an Omni-Channel optimised organisation with IVIS Group OCm²®

The IVIS ‘Omni-Channel Maturity Model’ (OCm²®) simplifies the complex journey of transitioning from a single channel to a omni-channel retailer by providing a customer centred, systematic and proven step-by-step approach. OCm² ® consists of three phases: Strategy, Transformation and Optimisation.


At the outset, a clear and quantifiable vision for the omni-channel initiative is needed.  To help with formulating and capturing the vision, an iterative approach based around the customer journey is used to identify what is important to make the experience ‘memorable’ to customers

There are 3 discrete strategy steps: Envision, Assessment and Blueprint.

  • Envision. Top-down approach working with the leadership team to understand the brand values and the culture.  Establishing why customers buy and how you want your customers to remember you.
  • Assessment. Bottom-up approach to identify the strengths and weaknesses using OCm²® tools.
  • Blueprint. Developing a Business Model, Organisation Impact and an Implementation Roadmap.


In the modern business world, it is no longer enough to be agile; therefore, business transformation is a continuous process, driven by vision and operational imperatives.

Within the OCm²® consultancy approach, transformation focuses on three main areas: Implementation, Education and Transition.

  • Implementation. We help you execute the business blueprint delivered in the OCm²® previous phase.
  • Education. We help your organisation develop the right skill-set to be able to execute the business model by providing on-the-job training and knowledge sharing such as Omni-channel skills and General Management/Soft Skills.
  • Transition. Aligning the business to the use of dashboards, best practice standards and HR tools, in order to leave the organisation in a position where the multichannel teams are operating ’business as usual’, but with a competitive edge.


IVIS Group supports the business after going live, to ensure it is running at maximum efficiency in line with the roadmap and maintaining pace with the market trends.  Optimisation consists of three elements: Mentor, Monitor and Map.

  • Mentor. Building on the Education programme delivered in the Transformation phase.
  • Monitor. Making sense of the plethora of information gathered in a typical omni-channel organisation and measure where the business needs to focus to fine tune the value proposition.
  • Map. Ensuring we are taking into account market trends and competitive landscape.


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