News Release: adds enhanced promotions functionality to online shopping experience to meet international customers' local needs

26-11-2012 has enhanced its promotions functionality to help central European customers get the best online deals and offers before they start their shopping.

The retailer recently opened e-commerce operations in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and is working with multi-channel expert IVIS Group to create promotion-specific areas on each country’s website; recognising the strong offer-led culture around grocery shopping in the region.

Online promotions are linked to those instore in real-time, so customers get the same deals however they choose to shop.

IVIS Group provides with product information and promotions management tools needed to customise offerings in each new local market. The Sonetto Retail Suite houses a powerful price and promotion management (PPM) platform, while product information management (PIM) technology provides the right information on the right products to customers in a timely manner.

“In central Europe, customers plan their grocery shopping around promotions – offers are the first thing they look at,” said Frans Falize, International Director of “We’ve created separate promotion areas that list all offers on our websites in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic so it’s easier for customers to browse. These pages are hugely popular because promotions are embedded in the culture. IVIS Group’s technology and expertise is key in our international expansion and will help us continue to respond well to local requirements.”

Further online operations are due to launch in Thailand and Malaysia next year.

“Part of operating a business internationally is balancing the need to 'productise' offerings centrally to maximise efficiency with applying local knowledge and skills to ensure customer demands and expectations are met,” said Paul Bolton, Director of Product and Strategy at IVIS Group. “This means that when a retailer enters a new country, the challenge is not just about rolling out technology and solutions, but also appreciating sometimes complex cultural and legal differences.”

With internationalisation now a big focus for many retailers, IVIS Group has released a whitepaper offering practical how-to tips on entering new markets.

‘The 7-P Approach to International Multi-channel Success’ is available to download for free here.


About IVIS Group

IVIS Group is a multi-channel expert. It helps turn retailers into successful multi-channel operations. IVIS Group’s Sonetto® technology hosts a powerful pricing and promotions management (PPM) platform, which is unique in the marketplace and gives retailers central capability to control customer promotions across all channels – in-store, online, via mobile and catalogues. It automates business decisions and takes away the pain, time and cost associated with managing multiple promotions. The technology allows retailers to enrich the customer shopping experience by giving ‘consistency across channels’ and talks in a customer-facing language when describing products and promotions. Sonetto’s product information management (PIM) technology provides the right information on the right products to customers at the right time.


Founded in 1994,, The Carphone Warehouse and BestBuy Europe feature in the company’s stable of clients.

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